Al- Jazira Son,s Trad. & Serv. Co

A brief summary about the company


Al Jazeera Sons Co. was established in 1993. It soon began to implement its business strategies with full confidence till it was able to compete in bidding for projects by the grace of Allah, itís wise management team, itís dedicated employees, its integrated technical team, and its strong finances.


Glory due to Allah, Al Jazeera Sons Co. ranks very high amongst the national contracting companies. It has fulfilled public projects in different sectors with high standards gaining increased confidence and appreciation due to its accomplishments since its conception.

Our vision :-


Our company is leading in providing innovative solutions in all areas, especially in construction and creative architectural designs. It also thrives to involve in new projects aiming to uplift the society.

Our goals :-


We hope to put our financial assets, accumulated experience, and advanced technology to deliver the best projects and services of highest international standards. We aim to place our country amongst the most advanced countries in architectural designs and construction, while respecting laws and following guidelines in order to improve quality. We look forward a fair competition with local and Arab contracting companies since we stick to high standards of work ethics. Although Al Jazeera Sons Co. is one of the biggest contracting companies in the country, we aspire to be in the lead by putting to use our high standards of services, newest technologies, the finest engineers, maintenance team, and administrative personnel.

Our main activities :-


We are specialized in industrial project management, commercial/residential buildings including schools, universities, educational, shopping, places of worship, electric & telecommunication networks, and entertaining centers. The company also implements all infrastructure related projects for cities and roads, water pipeline networks, desalination plants of all kinds, sewage networks, rainwater drainage systems, irrigation projects.

Additionally, our company builds bridges and city roads thanks to our highly experienced team of engineers and surveyors. We also engage in building infrastructures like offices, factories, the warehouses, and transportation network. All with the best and most advanced tools.




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